A scientology child – Sharone’s story

I watched a video today that is of a speech given at the recent Dublin Conference. The speaker is Sharone Stainforth, and her story is powerful and almost unbelievable. Raised within scientology from the age of 6, she spent 2 years about the scientology’s flagship the Apollo from 1967. The things she experienced and witnessed are a powerful testament to the bizarre and inhuman treatment children can receive within The Sea Organisation.

The fact that this happened decades ago is irrelevant, the same concepts of secrecy and abuse are still practiced and still as hidden.

I feel a special empathy for Sharone, as her life could so easily have been mine. In 1967 my family was scheduled to join the ship as well, as outlined in my story here.  Luckily our family didn’t make it that far, and although our life at Saint Hill in the UK was no bowl of cherries, it was not as bad as hers.

Thankyou for speaking out Sharone!