Becoming Free to shine

Free to Shine”  is both a concept and a name.

Most of my life has been lived under the shadow of scientology and when I left that shadow I found myself standing alone on the brink of a new world wondering what was next. I chose the name Free to Shine while I was struggling to find the word or words to describe my state of mind at the time, back in September 2007 when I found the Ex Scientologist Message Board.

It struck me that I was free to shine now….

Being free to do something, and doing it, are of course two different things. The last few years have brought struggles on many levels and both the challenges and the rewards are common to many people coming out of a cult or abusive environment. I am going to tell my story here, not necessarily in chronological order, more as it seems relevant at the time and I hope it resonates with other people.

Those who have been involved in these life changing challenges are normal people in extraordinary circumstances. There isn’t a great deal of information or support about the effect of cults, in the wider community and I hope that changes as more and more people find the courage to speak out.

This is my beginning.

Free To Shine


3 comments on “Becoming Free to shine

  1. Thank you FTS. Your words are resonating with me. That feeling of belonging to something that truly matters…yeah I remember that feeling. How it hooked me in and made me stay.

    I am looking forward to more.

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